Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emily's party was a...

Emily and the Clown from the party.

She had so much fun...as well as all her guest. The day did not start off without drama though. To Austin misbehaving because the attention was not on him (for once!) to a screaming, yelling, cussing, ready to jump over the counter and strangle the owner of the party place we had her party at. Yea...is that even possible? I mean, your in business for CHILDREN, and you service CUSTOMERS...so who is suppose to be treated with respect and courtesy?
Emily and her best friend, Melissa

Long story short...because I don't want this to turn into a business bashing post...it is about Emily after all...the business changed their policy (which I learned was because of the health department) but did not inform us of the change, and thus tried to charge me and my guests more money. You see, it's a giant warehouse with a 3 story Jungle Gym like structure that the kids run around in. Well, my invitations DO NOT say anything about needing to have socks on, and the one he pulled out did have it. I booked the party last month. But when we showed up Saturday, there were signs everywhere saying Socks Required to play. Well, it was 90 degrees that day and everyone came in flip-flops and no socks. So he wanted to charge us money to buy socks from him. So long story short...after screaming back and forth and him accusing me of lying and I accusing him of not honoring his initial contract with me...we got him to sell us the socks at his cost. AND i got a FREE DVD of the party that plays to birthday music and captures all the joy and fun. He charges $25 for the DVD, and i had planned on buying it anyways...so I shook on it and the party began.
Emily getting ready for presents. (blurry, sorry)

Emily had 3 friends from school attend and 3 family friends, and all her cousins. So she had a great turn out.
DH shooting the missile ~ notice the big smile? They use those baskets to run and get more foam balls to load the guns.

I even caught my BIL and DH in there battling it out in the Giant Missile Launch area! Oh and my 15 year old nephew, who was WAY too old for this sort of party and was ONLY coming to watch...yea...I busted him in there laughing his butt off and running in and out of the tubes. So young and old alike had a great time.
15 yr old nephew absolutely NOT having any fun...LOL

Sorry...you won't see any pics of me in there. I really wanted too...but I'll be damned if I was gonna pay for another pair of socks. :o(

Thursday is her actual Birthday, so she'll get DH and my present to open then.


Kaci said...

YAY glad it was a great time!

Korndog said...

Looks like she had a lot of fun.

Lisa Baldwin said...

Wow... that’s crazy I would have done the same thing!

At least she had a good time tell her Happy Birthday for me!

Anonymous said...

How fun and good for you for speaking up!

Tooj said...

There is a place like there where I live and the older kids LOVE IT. Shooting those balls at one another, and throwing them, and kicking them...not that I did that. Nope. Not at all. *ahem*