Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We had another late night of baseball last night (thus the lack of a new post first thing this morning) plus I had to work in the snack bar most of the night. Our Yankees lost their game, but we were playing the #2 team so we knew it would be tough. We have two injured players out so that already hurt us. But we made many errors on the field that cost us dearly. The boys always do this. When they know they are playing a team they can't beat, they just play half hearted and heads down. Us parents try our best to rally them, but if they don't take their eyes out of the dirt, they can't play the game.

Snack bar duty ~ Have you had to do this yet? I like the opportunity it gives you to mingle and visit with the other players parents while in there, but it is so mundane. I always get the Soda and Snow Cone machine area. So i come home covered in syrup! ;o) And when it's 98 degrees outside, can you guess what the #1 item was we sold all night??? Yep - Snow Cones. Do you have any idea how many times I had to shave ice and pump syrup? LOL...

DH is the field dad - which means before each home game, he chalks the fields and makes sure the bases get put out and hoses the dirt down. When we are the visiting team, he has to stay late and put the bases away, rake the whole field and lock all the equipment up. So I get the snack duty. But let me see...this is the first year he's been field dad, and we've played baseball 8 years, times 2x snack bar duty a year, and he has never served in there...hmm...I think i'm getting the short end here! LOL ~ DH says I'm the socializer, so I get to do it.

Emily was completely happy last night because I let her get a snow cone. It was so hot - and she was so good sitting waiting for me while i worked. She worked the snow cone for an hour! Quietest hour ever! LOL

So Monday after practice, the coaches surprised the team with water balloons! It was Memorial Day, and they wanted to have a little fun for the players that came out to practice. 11 players, 3 coaches and 500 water balloons! Yep, 500!

So after the water fight was over, coach tells them their is a prize for the one who picks up the most balloon pieces! Let me just say...I have never seen so many pre-teen boys move so fast in my life! And guess who won???? Austin! He won $20!

I said to the coach - "Hey, If I knew money was on the line, I would have knocked the kids out of the way and picked them up myself!" :o)

So imagine my heart bursting with pride as Austin and I are walking back to the car afterwards and he says to me "Mom, can we bake Coach some cookies? After all, he did just give me $20 and he didn't have too."

Yes Austin...we will bake coach some cookies...


Tooj said...

What a sweet boy. :) You guys are so family-oriented, I love it.

Kaci said...

LOL~ Nice!