Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baseball game recap...

Austin's team played the A's on Tuesday night and Oh Boy was it a nail biter! We were winning the whole game by one point. They would score, we would score, and back and forth until we hit the 6th inning and we tied 8-8.

It's 9:30pm and we go into overtime (7th inning) to break the tie. The A's are up to bat first. Our pitcher managed to strike one out, and Austin stopped the ball at first base to get two others out. We hold the score.

Yankee's now up to bat. Our first batter gets struck out. Our second batter is our big Home Run hitter. All of us parents hold our breath. Can he do it, right at this moment when we need it, or will he crack? He's already hit an Out of the Park Home Run at the beginning of the game. His second time at bat, they walked him on purpose. He's up again...will they pitch him or walk him?

*CRACK* his bat connects with the ball......and it flies right over the fence for another Home Run!!!

We Win the Game!!! 9-8

So Proud of you Yankee's!!

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Tooj said...

Yea! I love good sports stories. And he's that good that they have to walk him??? Impressive. Congrats to Austin for those two outs, as well...a steady first base man is always necessary.