Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Yankee's WON!!!

To my few loyal followers, I apologize for all the baseball talk lately, But I promised family and friends that could not make our games that I would Blog after each game with highlights or news of the game. So please bare with me through the season! ;o)

We WON tonight!!! Whohoo!!! Final Score: 5-4
We played against a team that is ranked pretty high, and they are a 2x in this division, and we are a new team to it. On this team we played against, were two of Austin's old coaches, and 3 former players we have had. So there was a lot on the line.
Austin playing First base!

Austin did not get to pitch, but that's ok, he's been sick all day (I think he might have Strep Throat, it's going around and will be taking him to the Drs. tomorrow), so it was better he did not. He played first base all night. And in the last inning, Austin made a double play, catching the ball at first and tagging the player out and then throwing it to second and getting the runner out there.

The highlight of the night was when one of our players hit an "out-of-the-park" Homerun!!!
Sorry the pics are dark - It was a late game so pretty dark out! I'm hoping the Easter Bunny brings me a new camera! (Hint, Hint)

What a night - I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight! :o)


Lisa Baldwin said...

I love baseball so I enjoy reading what you have to say thanks for sharing!

Oh, I hope the Easter Bunny brings you a new camera to maybe he can bring me one to...lol!

Kaci said...