Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random thoughts...

I'm in a funk! I've tried, and tried to pull myself out...but there seems to be no end. Too much to do, and too little time to do it in. I really believe I should have been born an octopus. I do! I get tugged in so many different directions I don't know if I'm coming or going most days. So many peeps needing something from me. Big or small, they add up. I usually don't complain...well, at least to anyone other then DH. ;o)

So DH being the kind, caring man he is...(do I get brownie points for that?) has seen me getting burned out and informed me I should really take some time for myself. WHAT? I say...let me get this straight...are you saying what I'm thinking your saying???? Yes, he says...I am! And with that, I was on the computer booking my flight out to Timbuktu to see Kaci @ Ellyphant. Sorry Kac, but where you live from me, it feels like Timbuktu! ♥ I am sooooooooooooooo excited!!! I have my E-ticket in hand and can't wait for next month to spend a few days catching up with one of my bestests (is that a word?) friends! We'll probably stay up all night (if I can with time changes and jet lag, who am I kidding, Starbucks?) and I'm going to cover poor Elly in a million kisses before I leave, and if Big J isn't careful, he'll get a few too! LOL. Watch out Ellyphant fam, here I come!!!

Poor Emily is still home sick for the 6th day straight. Took her to the Doctors yesterday (I'm not THAT bad of a mom, come on!) and she has a pretty severe sinus infection and we caught it in time before bronchitis got it's ugly hold on her. So she's on that wonderful, yummy, bubblegum flavored Amoxicillan that we literally have to hold her down and pour down her throat because she thinks any medicine is some vial acid being forced upon her as punishment because we are cruel human beings for parents. *sigh* Her fever seems to have finally broken as of Wednesday. She has had a steady 101 degree since Friday last week.

Two weeks ago, I went to a scrapbooking club that my sister twisted my arm incredibly hard and forced me to join with her (totally kidding, like I need a reason to join anything that gets me out of the house!). I had so much fun! I haven't touched any of my scrapbooking stuff in over 4 years, I know, I know...I am a disgrace to the scrapbooking world. But if you knew my life, you'd understand. We've had a lot going on. So I got to pull it all out and drag it over and got a solid 5 hours of nonstop scrapbooking. I think next month, I'm just gonna crawl in the corner and sleep, I'm so behind on that.

And it just so happens, as is my luck in life, that ONE night I get away, my nephew Nick called from boot camp!!! Geez...I can't catch a break! DH got to talk to him for an hour!!! So unfair! He was calling to say he got my care package and was I ever his most favoritist Aunt!!! Sorry sis...but I now officially have the title! You see, he has been SO bored, and my games and activities I sent, along with the HOMEBAKED goodies made his day, week, month! He's already planning his trip home in May for his sister's graduation. So we're all excited!

Baseball is going great. Austin is having a great time on this team, and is really starting to shine. Coach loves his pitching, and in their first practice game against another team, he got to Pitch and played first base. They lost, but it was a practice game. So it doesn't count. I always forget how expensive baseball is. Soccer is not at all as much as baseball. I think because in Baseball, we hit the rainy season, so practice is always getting canceled. So coaches rent spaces at an indoor arena to practice in and we all pitch in to cover the fee. But multiply that by 3x a week, by several weeks, it adds up. Plus theres uniforms, sweatshirts, hats, cleats, coaches gifts, team mom gifts, end of the year party...I have to take a loan out! LOL...don't get me wrong. We expect it every year, and it's all worth it...but it is YOUTH sports, not the major leagues here. *Sigh*

DH casually mentions the other night as we're snuggling into bed ready to drift off into never ever land, that he wants to go stay at this lodge that we know of and spend the weekend with the kids in the snow, and could I ever so nicely during the day when i have OH so much free time on my hands, get some prices for him??? And I ever so sweetly in my NOT so sweet voice remind him that every winter he mentions this to me, and every year when he hears how much $$$ it is, he changes his mind. Yes, he says, but I mean it this time! *sigh*

Let me remind those of you who happen upon this website and don't have the luxury of knowing my crazy life, that I also work full time from home! Just exactly what "free time" does he think I have?

Let me also remind you that the same DH two weeks ago informed me that our children are old enough he wants our vacation this year to be something tropical and he wants to swim with dolphins with the kids, and aren't they old enough now for a cruise? So I spent the exorbitantly amount of "free time" I had during that day and researched cruise trips with dolphin swimming and other requirements he bestowed upon me and when I informed him exactly how much $$$ it was, he had the audacity to tell me, yea, maybe Disneyland would be fine this year!!!! *sigh*

Someone better send the reserves in for me...I'm going to the loony bin!


Korndog said...

I'm so jealous that you get to go visit Kaci. No fair!
I'm sure you guys will have a great time though.

Leah said...

I WANT TO VISIT KACI!!!!!!!! no fair. pout pout. LOL Have a great time with her. I LOVED spending the day with her in PA last summer!!!!!

I hope Emily starts feeling better soon. That's rough on everyone when kids are sick that long!!!

Glad you had fun scrapping.

Good luck researching a trip your hubby is willing to pay for.

Kaci-Ellyphant said...

I feel so loved! I'm so jazzed about you coming! We'll have so much fun together. I've already signed us up to do a cardio kick boxing class, run a 5K and and and...LOL! :)