Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a big Brother does...

I happen to be the youngest in my family with my brother being the oldest of my sister and me. There is only 2 years between my brother and sister, and they grew up pretty close. Roommates at one time, drinking buddies in college and overall friends. Several years later I came along and being 7 years apart from my brother, we really didn't have a lot in common to keep us socially "hanging out". But that didn't stop me from idolizing and admiring him. He hated having a "baby sister" following him everywhere, and I hated being picked on because I was the baby. I do remember in high school, when I had a boy bothering me, and being too scared to tell mom and dad...I called my Big Brother. He left work right then and came over to get me. He listened to my story, and promised he would take care of it. I'm not quite sure the whole story to this day...but he did "take care of it" for me. I knew then at that moment, that he would always be there for me. I could always call him for anything.
My Big Bro on his College Graduation 5 years ago.

When DH and I were ready to start our family, everyone kept asking me if I wanted a girl first. And to everyones shock, I said I wanted a Boy first. Because every little girl needs a Big Brother to protect her.

This past weekend, Emily has been really sick with Flu/Cold and hasn't had much energy to get around or do much. Big Brother Austin came home from school friday to learn his little sister was sick. He immediately went in his room and colored a "get well" card for her and has proceeded to wait hand and foot on her all weekend. Bringing her popsicles or slushies for her fever, watching movies with her, to even building her a fort, setting up her pillows and blankets in it and set up the portable DVD player we have inside. They pretended they were at the drive-in movies. He made popcorn for them to share too. He wasn't asked to do any of this. He just saw a need and immediately jumped in to help his little sister.
When Emily was scared of the train ride thru the Redwoods last summer, Brother held her hand.

These are the days I have to treasure, to help get me through the days when they are screaming at each other and slamming bedroom doors. Because in the big picture of life, when DH and I are gone, I will rest assured that Big Brother Austin will always be there for Little Sister Emily. Just as my big brother was for this little sister...
Love ya Bro.


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