Tuesday, March 31, 2009

They grow up so fast!

Austin got Contact Lenses yesterday. Where does the time go? He went and grew up on me, and I specifically do NOT remember him asking my permission! Because I am 99.9% sure I would have said NO WAY if he had. First it started with having a "girlfriend" in Kindergarten. Then it was Middle School. Next came his first school dance. Then it was staying home by himself. Then it was Contacts. Next week he goes in for his Orthodontic appt for his second set of braces. Next it will be driving and then marriage...OMG! Someone call the Police! My Little boy has disappeared! And they went and left me with a PRETEEN! ACK!
Before Contacts...

He wants to eat all the time. And sleep. And is WAY TOO OLD for childish things like playing with the neighborhood kids now. And SO BORED with his toys now. And didn't I just buy him clothes a few weeks ago that fit him perfectly? And now they are in the donation pile because they are too small. And I'm sorry...but who's idea is it to make a BOY'S shoe size 7 be in the MEN'S department and charge me $10 more for shoes now??
After Contacts...

I did not give my permission...No I did not! I did not say that he could grow up and now be on a MAJOR's team in Baseball! I did not say that he could start styling his hair now like all those "other" teenage boys. I did not okay for him to "hang out" with his friends after school at Starbucks now! And I certainly did not approve for him to go to the local skating rink to "hang" without his parents around!

I did not agree to this Puberty stage when seeing his cute, round, cuddely face wrapped in a blanket when they handed him to me in the delivery room. I did not agree to supply food to feed a never ending hunger that just keeps growing along with his height! Which I might add I did NOT agree for him to be 1" shorter then me to which he can now look me in the eye and "brag" that he is as tall as I am!

I certainly did not sign up for all this when the thought of cooing little babies entered my mind 13 years ago. I did not sign up for stinky feet! I did not sign up for dirty clothes that can walk on their own. I did not sign up for Guitar Hero being blasted from his room as he rips a chord! And I certainly did not sign up for music to be blaring out of his stereo loud enough so the neighbor can hear the song lyrics!

I did not...ask for, sign up for or wish for any of that.

But I would NEVER trade it for anything in the world! Being a parent is the hardest job I have ever held, and yet the most rewarding I've ever had. Being a parent is so much more then I could ever dream.

But they should really give out a parent handbook for the teenage years! Looking back now, the infant stage was a breeze compared to this! At least then, they couldn't talk back! ;o)

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Kaci said...

Wow he's looking too old for me...knock it off. It's like that one picture of Em that your sister took...freaks me out. :)