Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Humor...

Love it!


Tooj said...

THIS.IS.PERFECT. For Mondays. :) I think it should become my token photo for my Monday Mumbles!!

Thank you for stopping by the past few days - I hope you're enjoying my dull life made "bright" with mama humor. :) And thank you for thinking of my son and his "skin". He's actually just got a bad case of eczema and then he's got some allergy issues that keep his skin rashing up. We aren't sure yet what's causing it all and I'm thinking we'll have to do the prick testing. It sounds like his situation is less severe than your child's, though...which is why I wrote that mumble today about things could be worse. :) I get reminded everyday in the blogland that what we're experiencing with him is infinitely better than what some moms and dads are dealing with. I hope your Monday is really better than a roaring lion!!

Kaci said...

LMAO! Niiiice! That was def El today...crazy cranky!