Thursday, March 19, 2009

San Diego ~ Can I go again?

Two years ago this January ~ DH and I got to go to a San Diego resort for 2 nights/3days. My DH had won the trip from his work for being top salesman for the quarter. It included our flight tickets, dinner in the "5 star must wear a suit" restaurant and the resort on Mission Bay.
The view from our balcony!
This resort was soooo nice, we didn't want to come home! It had it's own private beach area, with its own dock and kayak or boat rentals. Massages, pools, kites, sand toys, water name it, it had it. San Diego Zoo ~ Can you tell me what this is? (Hint: A character from Lion King)
At this zoo ~ You get to walk right into the Koala exhibit and walk among them)

We spent one day at the famous "San Diego Zoo" and spent another walking the boardwalk and spending time on the beach. For being January, the weather was perfect! It was in the 80's the whole weekend.
Our last night there ~ during our cuddle time on the balcony watching the sunset!

My favorite part was our last night there ~ We went to a grocery store close by and got a bottle of champagne, Chocolate and sat out on our balcony cuddling and talking until the wee hours. I love that! No interruptions, quality time, adult talk, alone time! We got to be Husband and Wife for the weekend instead of Mom and Dad.

The kids stayed with relatives and we brought goodies home for them, so they never even missed us! But two years later, DH and I still talk about that weekend and place and dream of going back some day!

I highly recommend taking time out for husband/wife weekends. It makes you a stronger couple and better parents.
The flight home we had to sit across from each other ~ and being as relaxed as we were, DH got a quick snooze in before getting home!

Thanks DH for the wonderful memories!


Kaci-Ellyphant said...

Nice pic of Sug...haha!! I wanna go nigh nigh. 7 more days until CA baby!! WOO HOO!

Korndog said...

Oh I love San Diego. It looks like you guys had fun!

Heidi said...

Oh we soooo wanted to go for our 10 year anniversary...Yeah, it will be 11 years this August... maybe for our 15th.

Leah said...

That sounds like a FABULOUS trip! The one and only time so far Dan and I have gone anywhere without the kids, I ended up with a humongous blister on my eardrum and was in miserable pain by the end of day 1 (of 3 days...). Didn't know it was a blister until we'd arrived home and I'd made it to the doctor, but was in tears the whole drive home (five hours!).

I would LOVE to have the vacation you had!!!!!!!! Hope you get to do that again soon!

Dianne Lemming said...

The Zoo is soooo much fun!