Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday - Busy, Busy Day!

Thursday Night Austin had another Game - which we lost horribly too. They played the Dodgers and when they walked onto the field, all of us parents gasped! They seriously looked like high schoolers walking out - they were so TALL! Our poor kids never had a chance.

Austin started out pitching, but the coach pulled him after the 3rd kid. Every one of their players was making contact with the ball. Long story short - the Dodgers hit TWO GRAND SLAMS!!! For us laymen, a Grand Slam is when bases are loaded and the next batter hits an "out of the park Homerun" so the team automatically scores 4 runs! And they hit two of them. Plus one other Out of the Park Homerun. Our kids were mentally beat. Austin was playing first base and dove head first for a foul ball but missed it. We never made it past first base. They kicked our butts so bad. I feel horrible for them. They called the game in the third inning at 14-0. I was upset with the other coach - the courtesy thing in a situation like this is you change up your players. Put your worse infield and not stack your lineup. But he was out for blood. There was no way we could have won the game we were so far behind, but he could have let us score a few runs home so our boys didn't walk out of there with their heads hanging and have some respect. It was a tough lesson for them.

We have another game Saturday and I am hosting Scrapbook Club - So I have to clean house, Cook Dinner for 6 people, set up tables and snacks and supplies, run to Austin's game for the first hour and then race home to greet the peeps coming over. If only I had 8 arms to do it all! *Sigh*

If you dont hear from me by Sunday - Send help! ;o)

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