Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy Crazy day!

Sorry I haven't updated ~ I have been going, going and gone! ;o)

Soccer sign-ups this morning, shopping errands, drop stuff off at mom's, feed the little one (Ack - Mcdonalds struck again!) and home to work in the yard. Planting and watering. Ran inside to cool off for a minute (yes i said cool off, it's like 78 today and I'm sweating!) (but not complaining, I love it!) and pop in and say hi before we head out to baseball!! Another late game and 4 hours of my life spent at the fields! Don't get me wrong - I love it!

Will update how the game went...

P.S. Has anyone survived Pre-Teen BOYS and can give me some good advice before I lose it??? :o)

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