Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brother and Sister...

So, the other day I posted a few pics I took of the kids having a "moment" and getting along and being loving. It would surprise you that when it is requested they "act" that way, they love to ham it up. Unless their peers are watching...then it is impossible! But last year we had professional pictures done and I specifically wanted some "brother and sister" moments captured. Needless to say, I couldn't decide on them and bought them all...LOL.

The Photographer suggested this and I was all over it...and surprisingly they cooperated!

And I give you my word, I did not promise them anything in order to get these poses!

I think they all turned out good, but these melt my heart...
Like I said...I couldn't decide, so I got them all. So I have over 200 photos from this shoot. So I will definately post more another day...but had to share these now. Because with Emily being so sick this weekend, her brother went and made her a homemade Get Well card and has been watching movies with her so she isn't lonely.

I guess I'm doing something right :o)


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That is really sweet... I can never get mine to take pictures they hate it!