Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Can I say OMG?!?

I mean really...can I saw Oh My Gawd!!! Tonight's game was amazing! We played amazingly well! And the boys were totally into their grooves. We were hitting, we were catching, we were...well...we just were!

We played the Phillie's. Sorry Phillie's, but we came to win. So we went out there and in the first inning, made the hits. 4-1 was the score. Third inning the score is 6-4. Sixth inning score was tied 11-11...the harder we played, the harder they came after us! Tied game! We go into overtime. The tension is soooo thick you could cut the air with a knife! Our boys felt it too. Not good. I can't sit any longer in the stands...My heart is racing. I am up and pacing. I look around. Suddenly the ballpark is alive with parents, coaches, board members and other team players coming to watch our game. It is close. NO ONE ever goes into overtime! This is serious stuff! Word has spread and the people have come. Parents leaving their own kids games to come watch the ending...who will get the next score! Who will win the game??

Seventh Inning starts ~ Yankees (that's us) are up to bat first. We hit, We hit again, and we hit again!! Bases are loaded. The pressure...One batter strikes out. Another batter is out on second. Two outs. One more and we're done. Pressure....our biggest homerun hitter is up. He knows...everything...the game...the moment lies on his head. Can he do it? Strike out! We don't score in overtime. Now we just have to hold the Phillie's back. Can we do it?

They are up! We burned our pitcher up in the game, so now in overtime we have to put a new pitcher in. Can he handle the stress? He strikes out the first batter! The crowd is wild! He walks the next batter. Pressure is getting to him. Coach walks out to talk to him. Calm him down. I'm biting my fingers at this point. Game is back on. Next batter gets a hit! Two on base and one steals to third. We gotta stop them from scoring!

Pitcher throws a wild one! Catcher manages to grab it in the air to stop the third base runner from going home. We scream wildly! Catcher tosses the ball back to the pitcher, and the pitcher missed! We groan...and watch the inevitable happen. The Phillie's score and the game is over!

11-12 was the final score ~ but man oh man...did our boys give it their all and make those Phillie's work for that win! I am so proud of them! Way to go Yankees!!!

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