Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sorry I missed a post today...

But i was at Baseball for 8 hours and am FROZEN to the bone! A wind chill factor of 25! And cloudy, no sun to warm us. I can't feel my fingers, my nose or my ears. A little girl whining at my feet all day, a hubby who had to rake fields, a son who saved his team and it was all worth it!

They lost their first game, but man it was exciting. The end of the first inning, it was 9-1 and we were losing big time. Second inning our pitcher hit a kid, so coach pulls him and puts Austin in to pitch. It was 2 outs, and the the next batter comes up. Austin takes the mound and 1,2,3 pitches and struck the kid out! The team goes wild. That was the rally moment that got them going.

We're now up to bat. Bases loaded, full count on the board and 2 outs. Our player hits an Out of the Park HOMERUN!!! That ball flew...over the fence, across the parking lot, and across the street!!! The team goes wild again tackling him as he rounds home. We scored 8 runs to tie the game for 3 innings. Austin pitched 4 innings and held the score the whole time. They never made a run on him!!!

Sadly, he hit his pitch count and they had to pull him from pitching and the other team managed to get a few runs home the last inning to win the game. The final score was 12-9. But man, we gave it our all and they played awesome! We had several coaches from other teams come watch our game and board members stopped by because of the excitement. There was quite a crowd! Austin not only impressed his new coaches with his pitching, but all the parents in the stands were asking "who is that kid?" and "we need him out there for every game!"

It was a very thrilling game. I should also mention that at Thursdays practice Austin tore a huge chunk out of his knee and it has been bleeding and sore as heck since. It was hard for him to run, but he managed to suck it up and play awesome! He did not let his team down.

Way to go Yankees! I am so proud of you all!


Kaci-Ellyphant said...

25...hell that's capri weather you wuss! :) I'll have to dress you like a Eskimo here I guess. LOL! I kid I kid!

Bummer they lost but WTG Austin for pitching a awesome game.

Korndog said...

Wow, way to go Austin. That's great!