Thursday, March 12, 2009

That's it!

I'm throwing in the towel! Working from home for the last 6 months, I have had to "make do" with what was meant as a temporary computer desk (hand me down from DH's friend) and a desk chair (also another hand me down) that was once nice in it's former life. But for the last few weeks, the desk seems to be shrinking. Yep, not only does it sway when you touch it, but there is just not enough room for all that I need. And the chair...oh the chair. By 5pm every day, my back is aching. Literally. Throbbing, aching, sore and feeling 10 years older then it is. I stick a pillow on my back each day, but nothing helps.

So I'm done! Throwing in towel! With the help of a $50 off coupon/GC that Staples sent me, I am going shopping tomorrow. And I will hopefully be bringing home a new desk and chair with me. I am hoping to find something that will fit all my needs for home and office. And that fits in my non-existent budget.

On another 17 year old niece came over Sunday and Spring Cleaned my whole downstairs for me!!! Whohoo...No more dirt, grime, dust, webs, clutter or laundry! My house actually looks decent now. She scrubbed bathrooms, vacummed, oiled all my kitchen cabinets and bannisters, and mopped everywhere! Gawd I'm gonna miss her if she ever moves away! ♥ ya Steph!

This weekend is geared up to be BUSY! We have Baseball all day Saturday. It is Opening Day for Baseball. So Austin has Team pictures at 10am, Ceremonies at noon, and his first game at 2:30. I also have a funeral (my bosses father died, who started the business I work at, so I kinda gotta go) from 1-5 that I need to make an appearance at. I think Sunday I just may never get out of bed. ;o)

My plans for Sunday involved going plant shopping for my garden and hopefully getting them all in the ground. It's still been pretty chilly at night, so I hope they make it. But they need to get in the ground to root.

It's so hard to believe Easter is around the corner...Where is the time going?


Kaci-Ellyphant said...

Good luck! Happy shopping!

Leah said...

good luck with the desk/chair shopping and HOORAY for awesome nieces... (does she want to come help me with my house??)

Anonymous said...

Can you send your niece over here? What a sweet girl, that's awesome!

Enjoy your weekend!