Saturday, January 31, 2009

Toby Update...

Toby has been growing so much!! The nerve of him. LOL...he had his vet visit this week and he is now 9.3 lbs! I knew he had to be growing because he was outgrowing his little collar, and now when i held him his little body was so long. And you can see it in his face. He is 18 weeks now or 4-1/2 months old. The kids have loved that now he has had all his puppy shots so they can take him outside now. They take turns holding the leash and walk him all over the neighborhood. And since this is the first few weeks he's been outside, the neighbors get to see him for the first time. So they have been having fun showing him off.

For Christmas, Toby had a present from my parents to open. They had gotten him a stuffed Monkey toy that squeaks when you squeeze his belly. Well, it was love at first sight literally for Toby and that monkey. If we dared to touch Monkey to play with him or move him, Toby would let out a little snarl and baby growl and let us know we were NOT to touch it. It was so cute. He dragged this poor monkey everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, to bed, to kitchen to play, everywhere. It has these really long legs and arms, and I waited for the day Toby would trip on them with his short little legs, but he never did. He loved that monkey.
One day I was working and found Toby sound asleep. It's not that him sleeping was so strange, it was seeing him sleeping like this:
He had dragged Monkey to his spot and curled up with him to sleep. I love that he has his paw protectively wrapped around monkey and his face snuggling him. So cute!
A few weeks after he had it, i noticed a few areas that the stitching was coming apart from his teeth grabbing it. So when he wasn't looking, i grabbed it and hot glued the spots (it really worked great! I was worried that if i sewed him he would rip it again) Toby never seemed to notice. Well, a few more weeks went by and I had to perform more surgery with the hot glue gun.

The other day I came down the stairs to find poor monkey in pieces. He was missing two arms and his belly was ripped open with stuffing all over. Poor monkey had met his match and he had to be sent to a better place in the sky. Toby has not been the same. He wanders the house looking for his monkey.

We're hoping the Easter Bunny brings Toby another Monkey...He sure loved him.
New Toby/Monkey update:
Seeing as how this past week, Toby has taken to running off with my new slippers i got for Christmas because they are the same color and material as Monkey was, and have found him chewing them and hiding them under his bed...I have found out the location Monkey was bought from and we will be buying him a new one TODAY so I can have my slippers back! Sorry Easter Bunny, but my slippers will not make it to Easter waiting for you to bring a new Monkey. :o)


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LOL! We bought our dog a cute pink stuffed cow when we first brought her home (teeny little 7week old black ball of cuteness--black lab--that she was), and it didn't make it to the end of the week. And the replacement stuffed animal a friend so generously gifted her with didn't last but three days. Rahide bones last a day or less. We've stopped spending money on "toys" beyond tennis balls for her because she jsut devours it in seconds and we can't keep up with the cost! ha ha!