Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Emily has always loved active events, but with her limitations, it is hard to find activities that she can participate in as well as enjoy. This last summer, we enrolled her in The Little Gym, an elementary age Gymnastics place. We loved it when we went to see it, because it is a small group setting (not like the bigger gym's where you have 50 kids running around). And it actually worked out to our advantage. When we signed up in the spring, she had 3 other kids in the class with her, and she learned by actually following the other kids and mimicking them. When the summer session started, the other kids dropped out and Emily was the only kid in her class, so she had 1-2 instructors all to herself and really got some one on one time to learn the basics. She loved it. Her favorite being the gymnastics clothes she got to wear. They play kid-friendly music and dance around to do warm-ups, so it all seemed like play time to her. She really excelled in it. I would have kept her in it through the fall, but they changed the class time to a weekday and I work. :o(

She recently asked me about it and now that the spring session is starting up again, I'm going to see if I can get her enrolled again. She's been to several birthday parties there too. They have so much fun.

On the last day of class, they do a program for the parents and have an awards ceremony. She wore that Medal for a week!



Kaci said...

I love Emily and miss her terribly!

Brings tears to my eyes seeing her doing so well! XOXOX

Leah said...

ahhh, how fun for her!! That's a bummer the day switched. Hopefully it works out you can enroll her again. Sounds like its' really good for her. good luck!