Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reminder to self:

Do not let Daughter near Sister when Make-up is involved!

My dear sister is Aunt and Godmother to my sweet daughter, Emily. One day last year, she babysat her for a few hours for us and she decided to play dress-up with her instead of Emily's doll. This is what we saw when we picked her up:

As cute as she looks, she is only 6 years old in this picture! She looks like one of those child beauty pageant contestants...Auntie and Niece had fun on their dress-up day, but rest assured it was all washed off at home! ;o)


Kaci said...

Picture still freaks me out. :) XOXO

Leah said...

LOL she definately looks grown up in that picture!! My Emily adores the chance to get some make-up on. She has little make-up kits where she does herself up when we're home, and then I have fancier stuff we use on dance recital days. My mother never wore make-up, so I was never really taught how to use it. It works out great that I have to be heavy-handed on my child's face for dance recitals because that's about the best I'd be able to do anyway!!!! ha ha ha!

I'll bet Emily and Auntie had a GREAT time together. What a fun memory for them both

PS Sorry I've been MIA commenting on your blog. Our weekend was whacko and I've been gone most of today