Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Professional Soccer Player

That's Austin in the Green kicking. I love this shot of the ball coming right off his shoe.

Austin has been playing sports since he was 4-1/2 years old. He played Soccer first in the fall of his Kindergarten year and that spring he played Baseball. I am so glad we did because he has continued playing them both every year since. He has really excelled and grown with each year and acquiring new skills. It is absolutely amazing to watch him. We even have past coaches or friends who come to watch him from year to year. His soccer coach came to several of his baseball games this year, and we played his baseball coaches team in soccer.

This year in soccer, his team bumped up in his age group from 4th division to 1st. Which means they were playing the best of the best this year from each town around us.

We ended the season in 2nd place out of our U12 1st division teams (there are 6 teams in each division and you play them all for your standings). But for our League, we came in 1st place for all the U12 teams!!!!

We have been on this same team for all 7 years that he has played, and I have been the team manager for 6 of those years. So I have gotten to know these boys from year to year and watch them grow up. I just love starting each new season as it feels like seeing family again. We have made many wonderful friends.

I am extremely proud of Austin and all the hard work he puts into it!



Leah said...

That's awesome! I always stunk at soccer and they stuck me in the back as a defender of the goal, and prayed like heck that the ball didn't get back my way too many times. LOL

That's really neat the team has grown up together like that. It really builds a strong bond between the boys, and then they're also all on the same page with plays and whatnot. They can probably start to "read" the other players minds at this point to know what they're going to do next on the field...

that's neat you've been involved this whole time, too.

Kaci said...

I loved hearing last year how well he did! WTG Austin!