Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sammy Hagar fan unveiled

Ok - Most people who meet me would never guess that I am a HUGE Sammy Hagar fan! My husband is to blame really. I loved Van Halen in high school, but never would have gone to a concert on my own. When I met my DH, he took me to a Sammy Hagar concert in our first month of dating, and we have been hooked ever since.

We have been to probably somewhere in the field of 50 Sammy concerts in the last 18 years. So much so that we have become lifelong RedRocker fans and met many wonderful friends and fans along the way. We have been backstage and onstage with Sammy over 6 times and have lots of memorabilia signed by him. We have even been to Cabo San Lucas, twice to see him. We have also over the years befriended his son, Aaron Hagar who manages one of Sammy's clubs. Aaron is an amazing artist who has painted several portraits of Sammy and sells them. He is so down to earth and we love to hang with him when we get the chance.
This is a shot from onstage. It's blurry because he dances and moves so fast, it was hard to catch him standing still.

Sammy is an amazing performer and man all on his own. He puts on a show like you would never believe. It is hard to believe he is 61 years old when you see him dancing and singing. He is 100% about his fans, and the whole show is really a tribute to us, the fans. He signs everyones stuff, lets you bring cameras, drinks with you, awesome! My boss's wife learned of our Sammy obsession and informed me she loved him too. At the next show we went too, she had me book her a room and tickets to the show as well. She took with her my mother!!! I know, I know...I was freaking out having my mom there. It was at this concert that DH and I would be onstage with Sammy, and although I was glad my mom would finally be able to see what we do and get to experience, I was worried what she would think, as this is not her type of music. We got them settled in the bleachers at the back of the arena, and we made our way backstage. About halfway through the show, I could see them leaving their seats. A few minutes later someone taps me and points to the crowd. My MOM and my BOSS's wife had pushed their way through the crowds to the front of the stage area (known as the "pit") and were dancing and having a blast! My mom later says it was the best time she's had. And agreed he puts on an amazing show.

So there you have it, I am a RedRocker, Redhead Fan who drinks Cabo Wabo Tequila (Sammy's brand)!

Love you Sammy!

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Kaci said...

LOL! Way to go Penny!! WOOOO HOOO! Where's the signed picture???