Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Nephew is Graduating Boot Camp!!

Wow - Where did the time go? My Nephew, Nick, is graduating this Saturday from his Navy Boot Camp! I am so proud of him. Then starting the next day he starts his "A" school. Which is pretty much where they learn for the next 8 weeks the trade they chose to go into. It will be pretty much in-depth and very intense schooling. I'm hoping then he can start recieving packages so I can mail him some home goodies. My Brother and Nick's girlfriend are flying to Chicago to see him graduate. I'm so jealous, but very excited for Nick to be able to see someone from home. We've sent him many letters and recieved a few from him. He has passed all his inspections, exams and drills with flying colors, so last Saturday he got some free "Rec Time" earned for 2 hours. So he got to call home for the first time since being gone about 7 weeks. His parents had no idea and were luckily home when he called and were so excited. They got to talk to him for about 1-1/2 hours, passing the phone around between his sisters and parents. They say he sounded really home sick hearing their voices, but says he's doing pretty good. He finally got to shoot his first gun there,and says that was pretty cool! He's a typical boy, isn't he? LOL... Nick and Girlfriend, Amanda

I am very proud of you Nick for making it this far and we cant wait to see you!

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Kaci said...

Awhhh congrats to him!! And what a couple wittle couple!