Thursday, January 29, 2009

Feed the Hungry...

Austin belongs to this club at school called "the builders club". Basically they do a bunch of fundraising all year for groups or organizations to help families. They also held a Bike Safety event and do Creek Week Cleanup around town. They made blankets for homeless kids, did Coats for Kids, and a canned food drive. It's a great club to belong too since they teach them about helping others and being responsible. One of his teachers from last year runs the club. After their meeting yesterday, Austin came home asking to get on the computer to look up something his teacher had talked to them about. He was so excited about it, he had me sit down and told me all about it and how this one website can help so many people. So I played around with it last night, and really wanted to give them a shout out. Not only do you get to play a game and have fun as well as learn new things, but you are feeding starving families and kids in Africa. It's all free for you, there's no gimmick. Just check it out and have some fun.

After you answer each question, it shows you your totals of rice you collected in your bowl. You can hit subjects at the top and pick any subject you want. At the bottom left of the screen is a short video you can watch that touches your heart. This website is really cute! Austin was so excited about helping people, he played on it for an hour and got over 14,000 grains of rice!


Leah said...

sounds neat! I will have to sit down with Emily soon and check it out!

Kaci said...

cool beans