Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Nephew left the nest...

I really don't understand it, I mean, I manage to stay young, but all these nieces and nephews keep getting older! My nephew, Nick, is the oldest grandchild, first born in our large family. So we get to experience a lot of first with him. First prom, first graduation, and now the first to leave the nest and venture out into the world. Nick is 18 years old and left on November 25 for the Navy! I know...I know...I can't believe i'm young enough to have an 18 yr old nephew! (Notice I said "young" and not "old") :o) But the kids and I went along with other family members to watch him get sworn in and say goodbye as he boarded a plane for Chicago to attend basic training. It was a very emotional time. He is the first one we have had to see move on in life. Our last Thanksgiving, our last Christmas, our last birthdays with him. Basically the last year has been a cry fest at every event, knowing he was leaving and treasuring all the memories we could grab.

I remember when Nick was born. I was 16 yrs old and in high school. I was sooooo excited when my brother told me they were having a baby. All my friends already had neices and nephews and now i would finally have my own to brag about. I would steal him from his parents every chance I had. I would take him everywhere and pretend he was mine. He was so adorable. I had the best time showing him off.

Here is Nick's Kindergarten picture:

And now Nick's Graduation Picture:
They grow up so fast!

Nick has known since he learned how to talk that he was always going to grow up to be an "Army Man" like in the movies and the little figurines. That is all he talked about. And the fact that he never let that dream go, and was able to pursue it through all obstacles, makes me extremely proud of him!

We miss you Nick and pray for your safe return very soon!



Leah said...

ack! I don't even want to think about graduating! I barely held back the waterworks during Emily's kinder graduation... high school?

Best of luck to him!

Leah said...
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