Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Family Christmas Present

Santa came early to our house and we were surprised (by DH) with a Puppy! The kids have been pestering us for a year to get another dog after we had to put our beloved Buddy to sleep last year. Buddy had been with us for 14 years, so I was in no way ready for another pet for awhile. I needed time to mourn Buddy as well as enjoy the quiet around the house. Well, time came and went and the more the kids pestered, the more I started dreaming of one. I knew if we got another dog, I wanted a Puppy so the kids could grow with it, and I was for sure getting a small indoor dog this time. Well, hubby was not on the same page I was, and no sweet talking was gonna get the dog. So I resorted to the Hubby guilt trip "Wouldn't the kids be soooo excited on Christmas morning to see a puppy waiting for them?" I got a "Hmpf" out of him.
A few weeks later, a new pet store opened by our house, and without telling him, I snuck out to see the puppy's. Now I had no intention of bringing one home without his OK, but when I saw them little eyes and tails and fluffy ears, I melted. So I ran home and said I found a dog! Um...I got the most horrible glare from my husband. So I Sulked away and contemplated how much trouble would I be in if I just brought one home.
The next weekend, my DH tells me he has to run to Home Depot, and NO I can not go with him. And NO I can not ask him to pick me up anything. And he needed my cell phone to take. Hmmm...I smell something sneaky going on! Well, I don't know any Home Depot that sells this cute little bundle, but my DH came home with this little guy. Apparently story has it, DH had been speaking with this breeder for weeks and arranged to get the Puppy, but when I told him of my pet store visit, he paniced. So he brought him home early so I didn't show up with one. LOL!
He is a Miniature Dachshund and is now 16 weeks old (he was 12 weeks when we got him). The kids voted and named him Toby. He is such a lover. He curls right into my neck and sleeps. He won't get any bigger then 11 pounds. He is a Smooth Longhair for those Wiener dog pros.
And now I know why I stopped having kids...oye..the potting training, feeding, crying, tripping over, stepping on toys all over, stealing my stuff, getting into trouble. But in the end, when he crawls into my lap, I forget all about the other stuff! :o)


Kaci said...

He is very very very cute! El has a Webkinz that looks just like him.

Leah said...

awwww!!! Those little dogs are adorable. Connor has a book about some little critter named Toby which he just LOVES, and now calls LOTS of different animals we see "toby". LOL

enjoy the puppy, and that was awesome your hubby was tryign to be sneaky about it!!!! I don't see Dan EVER surprising us with a pet. LOL

Korndog said...

Aw Toby is adorable. Have fun with him. And what a great DH to get that as a gift.