Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emily's first year of Soccer

This past year we signed Emily up for soccer to see how she liked it. She has always been dragged to all her brothers games and practices and has shown interest in playing. I was the team manager for her team as well, and although we had a great time with playing and meeting so many neat friends, we soon discovered that team sports was not for Emily. She needed something that she could excel in individually. She like practices, but come game time, she would freeze out on the field. We couldn't quite figure it out, until we stood and listened. And it can be scary for little players. You have not only coaches on both sides of the fields screaming plays and directions at you, but 12 sets of parents on both sides of the fields screaming and cheering as well. It was enough to make me nervous. As an adult, we tend to tune sounds and outside activities out, but little kids, especially special ones, they can't do that. So although we finished the season out, it was tough on her. We finally told her toward the end of the season, if you kick the ball once we'll let you pierce your ears (she had been asking for a year). And lo and behold, that very game she ran after that ball and kicked it right out of the goal and saved our team!! All the parents screamed with us and cheered as they knew the situation. Sure enough, we drove to the mall after the game and let her get them pierced! She was so proud!!!
There's Emily guarding the net!


Leah said...

team sports always intimidated me as well! As soon as I'd get the ball anywhere near me, I'd totally panic and forget everything I'd been taught... LOL

That's great she kicked the ball and got to have her ears pierced! Dan made a THREE YEAR OLD Emily memorize her address in order to get her ears pierced (he figured it would take her a long time). She was so determined to get them pierced, she had it memorized within a week. ha ha ha!!!!

I guess there's something in the name. When an Emily wants her ears pierced, nothing stands in their way!!!

Kaci said...

Awwhh look at her!! Get em EMILY!