Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I finally got with the times!

Well...I have now joined the majority of the world and started my own blog! Don't know who will read it, or why, but Kaci over at Ellyphant has been bugging me to start one, so now I have.

I will post pics of my family, updates for that family out of state and funny anecdotes for those of you stopping by. So patients please why i figure out this blogging thing, LOL.

Happy New Year!


Leah said...

looks great!!! yay!

Kaci can sure be persistant, can't she??? lol love her!

Kaci said...

Totally tubular-o-so.

Korndog said...

It's about time you made a blog missy! Sorry I haven't updated mine, I'll do that today! :o)