Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Breaking News!!

My son has been captured and jailed! Please send money for bail! My two nephews and Austin on the right.

We have this really cool pumpkin patch about 30 minutes from our house that we have gone too for a few years. They have a petting zoo, corn maze, coyote slide, fortress, old western town, train, food and shops galore and and of course acres and acres of pumpkins that they take you on a hay ride out too and you walk around and pick and cut your own pumpkins right off the vines. The kids have a lot of fun. This year we kidnapped my sister and her family to go with us, and we packed picnic lunches and spent the day there. All the cousin's had a blast!

Emily and her favorite cousin!


Kaci said...

CUTE!! I miss that pumpkin patch...the one's around here suck-a-roo!

Leah said...

sounds awesome!!

We have a really neat one "near" us (about an hour away), but they cut the pumpkins off the vines WAY in advance, so if you don't go the first weekend or so in October, the pumpkins are rotten. The last two years, the weather hasn't been great the first weekend in October so we haven't bothered. I'm hoping that next year we can make it there! Gets pricey though after you pay for all the activities offered plus the pumpkins. LOL good memories though!