Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Tell or Not To Tell...

This is the part...where I confess my sins or proclaim my innocence. And this week...well...I have alot. So let's get this started:

*I am eternally gratefully to all the nurses and doctors at the hospital that worked on Austin, calmed me down with soothing words, and cared for my son in ways that I couldn't.

*I am thankful that the doctors listened to my mother's concerns and discovered the infection and took care of her.

*I was a little disappointed that Austin did not realize the seriousness of what was happening and fought us on keeping the Oxygen on, but then remembered that he was just a boy after all.

*I did say MANY prayers this past week and am ever so thankful that God listened and was there. He not only took care of my family, but he walked with me and gave me strength to get through this.

*I am overwhelmed and surprised that I have so many friends that all stepped up and helped in so many ways that I have been touched to my very core. I really have a hard time accepting help, as I am the one always giving. But I am learning what a humbling experience this was and that I did need help and without my saying so, friends saw that and have stepped forward with arms full.

*I have been at a loss for words all week to even begin to describe what I have been through, seen, or dealt with. But somehow...I think the one that needed to know, knows...

*I certainly have been reminded to always tell the ones you care about that you love them, to never miss a moment to hug, and to never miss an opportunity to say goodbye.

*I did feel the mother lion in me want to shove all the nurses and doctors aside that were working on my son, and grab him in my arms. But knowing he needed them stopped me.

*I did fully understand the lesson and reminder sent my way of how much I LOVE MY SON.

*I am so thankful and loved to have such a wonderful family around me. I am so lucky to have them close to me, not only in proximity, but in love and support. I didn't even need to ask...they just knew where to fill in and did so quietly. I love them all.

*I did however, eat some of Austin's Fries from his hospital meal. Shhh...

*And when he was being ornery from all the steroids he was on, I did have fun teasing him and making him laugh until he moaned to leave him alone because his chest hurt.

*And nothing ever felt so good as those two little arms wrapped around me in a great, big bear hug when we got him home.

*And seeing Emily's face after being away from her for 4 days was priceless. I miss those big, brown eyes and that little, sweet voice saying "I love you Mommy" all day long.

Thank you to all for the prayers, well wishes, love and support. I can never express enough what it has meant and i feel it all. I love ya...
P.S. Oh's my birthday today...yippee...another year OLDER. ;o)


Tooj said...

:) Awwwww, happy birthday!! I hope that everything starts to return to normal very, very soon for you. It sounds like you have been through a HUGE ordeal in the past couple of weeks but you're handling it like a champ. Friends and family are special in our lives for a reason, so smile and accept the gifts they offer. Time, space, love, order. They brings lots to the table for you and it sounds like you've been able to open up to it. Have a wonderful birthday and celebrate for the rest of the week, month...heck, year!

Kaci said...

Happy Birthday Cindy Lou! :) XOXO

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

I have been such a slacker on the to tell or not to tell's! BUt I would never confess or admit that! ;)