Saturday, July 25, 2009

I dropped the ball...

I'm sorry my blogger friends, I have dropped the ball in posting this week. But I do have a good excuse. You see, I was plain exhausted. Yep, the past two weeks of events caught up to me and I barely made it through a day much less this week. I caught up on some sleep, dealt with some emotions, dealt with unruly children, and oh yea, I had a birthday.

So hopefully someone noticed I have been gone. Someone missed the Friday Quote, the Monday Humor, my Random Thoughts. So no worries, I promise to get back to work on posts, and not leave you high and dry.

I hope your summers and vacations are turning out to be all that you had wanted and more. School is around the corner for us, 18 days to be exact (not that I'm counting or excited for it). So that means I need to do school shopping and preparing kids to going to bed earlier then midnight. And no more sleeping in until 10am and then napping all afternoon. Nope! Time to turn into the drill sergeant. And whip those kids into shape.

Hope your weekend is blessed!


Tooj said...

I think your previous posts had us all "in the know" know? You have had some STUFF to deal with. Hopefully it's all smoothing out.

Leah said...

Hope everything has calmed down!!