Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have mentioned before that I am now watching my cousin's 3 month old little boy one day a week, but I haven't had time to post pics of this cutie! Now, I should explain one thing. My children love babies as much as I do. So I am constantly having to fight them for baby time and shooshing them away from him. I'm sure they are a great stimulating aspect for baby Ryder, but really, enough already. I want him! (stomping feet) I want him! ;o)
Emily was still as summer school on Ryder's first day with us, so Austin fully enjoyed having Ryder all to himself while she was gone. As soon as Ryder fussed for a bottle, Austin begged to feed him. As soon as he was down to play, Austin lay down with him to guard him from the dog. And as soon as Ryder needed a diaper change, he yelled for mom! Emily came running through the door yelling for Ryder and dropped her backpack at the front door as she ran for him. He smiled at her and that made her day. She played with him on the floor for most the day and even got to hold him. She hasn't stopped asking when will he come back. Ever since he was here, she has pulled out her baby dolls and the strollers, car seats and baby bottles that she has for them and has started playing with them every day. I was so busy capturing the moment of them with Ryder, it wasn't until I was viewing them that I realized I didn't get my picture with Ryder. :o(

It's been a week and my kids are still trying to convince me I need to have another baby of my own. They "promise" to share their room, feed it, get up in the middle of the night and even change the diapers. *sigh* Sorry kiddos, as much as I would love too, your just gonna have to get your fill from Baby Ryder!


Tooj said...

They look pretty darn comfortable holding him. And he's adorable - that sleeping picture....the sleeping pics always kill me. I love them.

Kaci said...

AWhhhh he's so cute!! Baby fever!!