Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is time for...

Yep - the part where I may or may not have something delish to share or divulge on myself. The part where honesty and truth will conquer and secrets have no where to hide. So come along and read about my journey and then I invite you to play along too.

*I just may have stolen a few Chuck E. Cheese tokens out of the kids cups so I could play some games too. I took them on my own to get them out of the house for awhile, and so enjoyed myself with them behaving and having such a good time, I bought more tokens just so I could make the moment last longer.

*I did not finish Emily's Ice Cream Bar that she won while there when she was too full to finish it.

*I just may have read all three Twilight Series books in 6 days! I'm sorry...they are THAT good! I know, I know...I swore I wouldn't, couldn't get into the hype...but I'm an Edward lover now.

*DH and I relished in the fact that we had no Kiddos on Sunday for several hours and caught up on a HBO series we have been wanting to watch for some time. It was so nice to spend the time together.

*I did not sneak a kiss onto Emily's cheek.

*I just may have gotten a chuckle watching Austin's face as his cast was being put on and the look of confusion as to how it becomes a hard cast.

*I must confess I did laugh out loud during the show when I took the kids to the movies Monday to escape the heat. We saw Night at the Museum part 2. It is funny!

*I am wishing there was a housekeeping fairy that snuck into the house at night while we slept and cleaned the whole house for me so I could wake up each morning and it was all done!

*I am very excited for my blogger friend Kory who had her baby on Tuesday! Congrats To Baby Carter and the family.

*I did feel very sad for Jared when he was stung 30 times by bees/wasps the other day while poor mommy, Leah had to watch!

*I did sympathize with Tooj as she dealt with her DH having knee surgery and knowing full well what she is having to go through.

*I definitely am missing more posts from Tanja!

*And wishing Lisa would hurry and finish her home remodel as she does not have time to post much right now.

*And loving the pics Kaci posts of my little ellyphant!

Happy 4th of July to all my peeps out there!


Kaci said...

Oh look at me on Cindy's blog! :)

Leah said...

hey! Thanks for the shout out on J's behalf! I'm just so thankful that everything was fine in the end... And Jared doesn't seem scarred for life over it, either