Wednesday, July 29, 2009's now red...

The Cindy Lou Who Family is leaving this town! Hitting the highway and not looking back. DH and I decided that we need some QUIET family time away from the hectic pace here at home. So we are going to a Dude Ranch! I know...I am so excited. Always wanted to do this. It's this big Mountain Ranch in the hills surrounded by Redwood Trees and National forest. We will be fishing, swimming in lakes, creeks and pools, exploring a "Subway Cave" from a volcano, hiking up the 8th largest Waterfall in the U.S., driving thru a tree, riding gondolas across treetops 1500 feet in the air and last but not least...riding horses! It should be fun, but packed days.

We wanted the kids to have some fun before school starts, and not remember all the stressful days of this summer. And frankly...I'm plum wore out! noted...we will be doing lots of swimming. The Ranch has a big Creek, a fishing pond, a swimming pool and a huge Lake on the property. Plus the waterfalls have a swimming lake and we're renting boats and swimming there. And if you will remember, Austin has this BIG, BLUE cast on his arm. So I called his doctor and pleaded my case and sounded as pathetic as I could that we were leaving on a train (not really) and skipping town (we'll be back eventually) and it will be SO HOT (it really will) and could we PLEASE take the cast off one week early so he could swim????

So yesterday he said bring him down and we will Xray it again and if everything looks good...sure! So I took my lunch hour from work (keep that in mind as you read this) and ran to grab Austin and drive 22 miles to the office. They cut off Big Blue, and took Xrays, and...and...we sat for 4 hours!!! What? Wait? 4 hours? Really? Well, they were fitting us in between appts. and it took forever. And in the end...he got another cast on. His bone is regrowing to heal itself, but its like taffy right now and not hard enough. So should he reinjure it on the would require surgery. And a lifetime of problems. plan was thwarted and he has to wear it another 2.5 weeks! Drats!

He opted for red this time...and let me tell's RED! Like Fire Engine Red. Like Stop Light Red. Like Red Hot Peppers. Do ya get it? It's RED! I would snap a pic and show you...but he still sleeping, the punk! LOL

Oh, but we did find out about a water-resistant cover we can put over it and he can get it wet. Not swim under water wet, but at least get in and float around. So life wont be so bad on the trip.


Kaci said...

Like your tattoo red? :) LOL!

Tooj said...

I was thinking you should be able to cover it up. Glad they told you about the cover-up. :) You have a wonderful little trip. We'll swap stories when we return. Happy Wednesday!