Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is time for...

You know this part by now...I may or may not tell on myself...blah, blah, blah...you play along and let the games begin:

*I did so enjoy having 5 days off in a row that I may have bragged about it to anyone that would listen. If only I had gotten to go somewhere during that time too...

*I just may have had a horrible thought about summer school when it was my day off and I had to get up EARLY!!!

*Was super excited that DH had Friday off and we all got to spend it together.

*Had the best 4th of July. Celebrated with friends/neighbors at home and BBQ'd while the kids played all day.

*I did not wish it was me lighting the fireworks but did enjoyed watching the kids light them and have such fun at it.

*I did not have a single thought in my head that it was the best Strawberry Shortcake EVER after I stood cleaning and plucking a half flat of strawberries for an hour!

*I did not sigh another sigh when I had to take Austin back to the Drs. AGAIN because now he has an earache. I swear I live there now...

*I am wishing very much for a mini trip somewhere this summer. One of my besties friend, Melinda is taking 9 days off this month and spending some of them with me for my birthday so we can go away...I can't wait! Where should we go???

*I am soooo not looking forward to PMS from daughter if this tantrum she throws now is going to be anything like what we'll see then.

*And I did NOT bawl like a baby during one of the best movies ever, The Guardian! You gotta watch it...anything with Kevin Costner in it is awesome!

*I did enjoy myself and LOL during the movie UP! that we took the kids too on Friday. It is really cute.

Ok folks...now it's your turn to play along...what did you do or not do during your week?


Tooj said...

Oh, the doctor visits can feel as if they come back to back to back to....blah! I know it sounds like lip service, but I truly understand. I don't know where you should go for your getaway, just know that I am jealous! :)

Kaci said...

Up was super cute!!