Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where did the time go?

So speaking this week of Austin growing me thinking. How life just goes right on by if your not paying attention. DH and I met in 1991! Shh...don't tell anyone, it was Senior Cut day from High School, 2 days before Graduation, and me and a carload of Girlfriends went to the local lake to hang out for the day and low and behold...two boats of "boys" pull up and beach next to us. Long story short, I met DH that day. Although we never actually went out on our "first date" until two weeks later (due to graduation ceremonies and Grad Trip). We were inseperable from that first date. It was like meeting my very bestest friend and knowing he would be there forever. We would talk for hours, about everything...and absolutely nothing! It was amazing.

He would surprise me with flowers, treats, surprise dates. And just to let you know the kind of guy he is, my dad was gone in Saudia Arabia serving in Desert Storm. So my DH would not only take me out on dates, but he would take my mother too! How sweet is that? He would take us out to dinner, rent movies, bring ice cream over. He would stop by on weekends and mow the lawn for my mom. It was the little things that he would think of. A break from life for her.
We dated for 3 years before getting married. And I knew we would be together forever, but getting him to realize that...well...that was another story. But when that day came, flaws and all (mishaps at the wedding), it was my dream come true.

I'm sure many couples have a hard beginning in the first few years of being married. Financial struggles, emotional struggles (being responsible for another person), and making a new life together adds it's tolls. And although we had a few times when we would look at each other and say "how did we get here?", he always made me feel like it would be okay. He has a way of calming me down, knowing just what to say.

I confide my inner most secrets to him and they are safe. We have been married now 14 years, and with each passing year we become closer in our relationship. Better friends, Better partners. We communicate more (kids have a way of making you do that) and balance each others lives out.

Honey ~ Thank you for the wonderful life we have had together, Thank you for giving me a future to dream of together, but most importantly, Thank you for the Present you have given me!
I love you...

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Lisa Baldwin said...

That is just AWESOME my hubby is the same we are to lucky women!

I love your wedding pictures!