Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can I just say...

8 days until I go to Ellyphants!!!!

I am just a little bit excited! Just a smidgen...wee lil' bit...not much...doing flips excited!!!

Ellyphant has been in my life for, well...seems like forever...but since we worked together many moons ago, around 6 years ago. But we didn't really become close friends until 2005. And now she has become one of my bestest friends. My heart broke when her DH and her decided to move to Ohio for a new beginning and a new home. I was super excited for them, but so sad that I was losing my hanging out buddy and just as sad that I was going to miss Elly.
Taken a few hours before they drove out of town on the way to their new life.

Since moving to Ohio 2 years ago (seems like an eternity without her), Kaci has visited me twice with little Elly in tow, and my kiddos have been eternally grateful for that! So now it is my turn to go visit her and the fam! Did I mention how excited I was? ;o)
Our last Dinner out before they left...

They have their new home now, and little Elly will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and Jon is now a Marathon runner and Kaci...well...she's always been a kickboxing freak! LOL (I say that with love Kac...).

Aaaannnddd....knowing what a Sammy Hagar FREAK I am, they are taking me to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame where Sammy was inducted last year!!! And some good eats and some sites, and just some plain ole fun with my peeps!
Can you tell we were crying? Saying goodbye before they drove away... kiddos on the other hand...I never thought they would care if I was gone. And they probably wouldn't care if I said I was going to someplace like Timbuktu, but the pure fact is that they know I am going to see Elly. And I have not heard the end of it. My son, Austin, has begged, pleaded, bartered and cried to get me to bring him on the trip. He told me Elly would rather see him then me! And Emily, has cried, stomped her feet and pleaded that LIFE IS SO NOT FAIR if she can't go see Elly too! And Elly is HER friend, and SHE wants to go on an airplane, and why do I get to go and not her????

Their reaction has cracked me up!!! I love that they feel that way about the Ellyphant Family ~ Because I do too. But don't they realize that Mommy NEEDS this trip for her sanity? That Mommy is in a BIG funk and needs a break? That Mommy will be a better Mommy after she gets to go on this trip? And for Pete's's only four days!

So Ellyphant Family ~ Get ready...cuz here I come!


Kaci said...

What you're not bringing the kids and Sugar? :)

Can't wait...crap that means I need to go clean.

Leah said...

LOL! You guys will have such a good time together. Wanna swing north a bit first, and put me in your carry-on so I can go, too??? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

How fun and what good times!

Tooj said...

Mommies definitely need a sanity trip. I get a half-sanity refill next weekend when I head to Florida to see my brother and sister in law! Yea for vacations! My 4 year old is coming along too, staying with Hubs. So half-refill. It's better than none. Happy Friday!