Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To Tell or Not To Tell...

Thank you Tanja for allowing me to steal this thoughtful post idea from you. I really like it, although it would be basically telling on myself. ;o)

So let's begin our To Tell or Not To Tell:

* I may or may not have taken the baggie of leftover Easter M&M's and hidden them in my room for when those cravings come.

* And I did not tell Emily that she can not have a Popsicle because she did not finish her homework, and then proceeded to sneak one upstairs and eat it myself.

* Last weekend I did not call my son inside and then proceed to stare at him in a complete loss for words as my mind chose that moment to go blank.

* Earlier this week I just may have snuck up behind my son and given him a big bear hug for doing his chores without being asked and plant a lipstick kiss on his cheek.

* Yesterday I did NOT groan out loud when I received the email that Baseball practice was still on and coincided with our friends party plans.

* I just maybe told a little white lie to Austin when he asked me to go Roller Skating with him at the local rink when I really did not want too just then and told him we just did not have the money too. (Which in reality is not that much of a white lie!)

* I may or may not have let a little sigh escape from my lips when Emily jumped in the car after school today and announced she was in a school play.

* And I may or may not have rolled my eyes when my son informed me he had a science project due the next day and could I help him?

* And I definitely did not proclaim inaudible comments when he then informed I would be the test subject of that project.

That's all I am disclosing! So, I hereby invite you to participate in To Tell or Not To Tell on your own blog! Feel free to borrow the logo! The whole truth and nothing but the truth because we all hear the "Yes you did!", "No, I didn't", "But I saw you", "You only thought you saw me", "Are you sure?", "Yep, it wasn't me, it was definitely Not me!"



Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing and I may or may not have eaten my weight in Cadbury mini eggs since February.

Kaci said...

YOU ARE SO BAAAAD!! :) I love it!