Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well...We ALMOST won...

It was a really close game ~ Again! And a long night. We went into overtime again, 7th inning to break the tie game. There were so many homeruns, I lost count. I think it was 2 Grand Slams, and 2 out of the park homeruns. 6th inning we were tied at 9-9.

Red Sox are up first to bat and they come out swinging. They hit - and hit - and hit. They finally put Austin in to Pitch with 2 outs. He walks 1 batter. And then they hit, and hit and hit.

The score is now 20-9 and we are up to bat.

Austin is the first one up to bat! Gawd I can't take the pressure and I'm outta my seat clenching my hands. They are throwing balls. The third ball hits Austin square in the back of his arm. He takes his base, but I can see he's crying. Coach is talking to him, and then he calls for a runner and Austin comes off the field saying he's can't move his arm.

I run and get him ice, but the hit was bad. His arm is pretty swollen, and he is gonna have a helluva bruise. The seams from the ball left an impression on his arm. He's in bed with ice and tylenol and we will see if it's doctor needed in the morning. But I think it will be ok.

The game ended at 20-11. Our kids played great though! And they gave it their all. Way to go team!

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Leah said...

wow, that arm sounds painful! Pics for a blog post in the morning???? What a trooper to take his base, though!! Sounds like he's having a great season