Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Thoughts...

1 ~ Why is it so much harder on a parent when a child is sick in the hospital? Your gut is torn, your heart aches, your soul bleeds and your mind is lost to everything but that sick child. Why isn't a Mother's kiss good enough anymore to make the pain go away?

2 ~ Why is it when a child is sick and hurting all they want is their Momma. Not Daddy, Not Grandma, Not sister, Just Momma! Momma's arms and voice always makes it all better (or seem like it's better for awhile)

3 ~ Why is it when you have a sick, hurting child, #2 child chooses that moment to become the incredible hulk and scream, terrorize and disobey just when you need them to cooperate?

4 ~ Why is it that you never feel so loved and supported as when you have a sick and hurting child?

5 ~ Why is it that the Children's Hospital is so wonderful, it makes going back so much easier so we can see our favorite nurses and staff? That they always manage to put a smile on my child's face and that said child eat up all the attention?

6 ~ Why is it when I look into my child's face in the recovery room, as that child is soundly sleeping, that I fall in love with that child all over again?

7 ~ Why is it that as I type this, that said Child is curled up in my bed, sleeping away the meds, clutching tightly to "blankie" and looking so adorable?

8 ~ Why is it that even though I have my child home safe and mending, that my tummy is still in knots?

9 ~ Why is it that DH becomes such a good listener and avid conversationalist during those long hours of waiting for news?

10 ~ Why is it that God blessed me with this family?



Tooj said...

This post makes me feel better and worse all at the same time! How is that possible, you ask? Well, I have a sick child at home, but he's not getting mama's cuddles, but daddy's. Daddy is home sick with him, but he prefers daddy lots of times anyway...they have a bond. But it makes me feel better knowing that I have a DH too....someone to help out in times like these. And that I am blessed with MY family. :) Happy Wednesday.

Leah said...

I'm glad everything went well! Go give some momma loving. and the "well" children do tend to turn naughty when there's a sick one around. why is that? HUGS

Kaci said...

I love you Cin, and child #1 and #2 and most of all my Sug. HAHA