Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Arm...

Thanks Leah for the suggestion of posting pics of Austin's arm injury from last nights game. He still has very limited arm motion, and it is pretty swollen. He has a great imprint still from the ball, a contusion from the impact and it will look even lovelier in the next few days as the bruise comes to surface. Poor guy! But please do not feel too sorry for him ~ he is milking the situation to his benefit!
12 hours after impact ~ you can see the seams from the ball Side view ~ You can see the bump over his elbow where the swelling is.

Mom, can you make me something to eat, I can't bend my arm. Mom, can you cover me with blankets, my arm hurts. Mom, can i eat popcorn in front of the TV instead of in the kitchen, because it makes my arm feel better laying down. Mom, I can't do my chores today, it'll hurt my pitching arm. Geez...If only you could see me rolling my eyes! Nice Try Austin ~ it worked the first five times you used it, but now i'm on to ya! ;o)
This one was a little blurry, but you can see the bruising starting already.
Thankfully we have a week off from Baseball for spring break and Easter, so his arm has time to heal up before our next game in 10 days.


Eight Women Dream said...

It's amazing what a boy can turn an injury into... Mom will you??? Just like men who can build a house and then turn around with the flu and be dying on the couch, while we moms, sick or injured continue running things.
We hope your son feels better soon.

Lisa Baldwin said...

Ouch... that looks like it hurts hope he gets better and soon for your sake!

Tooj said...

Holy molasses....that's a GOOD bruise. I hope he's all better and ready after the weeklong break.

Leah said...

ack!! that definately looks painful