Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Blustery Day...

Yesterday was super windy! And not just a normal wind, a COLD CHILL FACTOR RIGHT OFF THE SIERRA MOUNTAINS FILLED WITH SNOW kind of wind. And not just a "breezy" kind of wind, a BLOW THE BRAND NEW CONTACTS RIGHT OUT OF MY SONS EYE kind of wind.

And we had baseball last night. A late game, none the less. And I had Snack Bar Duty (which ended up being a blessing) to work all night. Can you guess the #1 item we sold??? HOT CHOCOLATE!

It was so freaking windy and cold, we had moms with babies coming to stand inside the snack bar with their little ones to get them out of the wind. I ended up bringing Emily in with me too and sat her on a stool in the corner, it was so cold. The boys played good, but we had a horrible Umpire this game. Both teams complained of the horrible calls he was making. We lost the game 4-2. With that wind though, every hit we got, the ball just wouldn't carry that far.

And Yes, Austin really lost his brand new contacts he got last week, in the wind...sigh...good thing Momma thinks ahead and went on Saturday and bought more boxes of them, so we had a back up pair. ;o)

It's still windy today, but NOT nearly as bad or as cold as yesterday. It's just plain MEAN to have the sun shining, birds chirping so you think you can wear your Capri's, and walk out and FREEZE to death!!

Didn't God hear that it's SPRING??? ;o)


Kaci said...

Yay no sheez...where's the warmth?

Anonymous said...

It's always windy here so I can completely relate and we are supossed to get more snow tomorrow and Friday! Uggh.

P.S. Private blogs don't let you stay updated, a feature Blogger hasn't figured out yet! ;(