Thursday, February 26, 2009

You gotta watch this movie...

Ok - On our Rainy Sunday afternoon, DH had gotten a family movie for all of us to watch together. And was it a good one! It is called "The Ultimate gift" and you have got to watch it!
It has that adorable girl, Abigail Breslin in it. It is a movie that teaches life lessons and really makes you think about your own life. They even have a website you can order your own "Ultimate Gift Box" from and do it with your family once a month on "family night". I can't talk enough about the movie, but if I start to tell you about it, it will give it all away. So just take my word for it and go rent it. Basically it is about a man who in order to get his inheritance, must take a series of "tests" and report after each one what he learned from them in order to get to the "Ultimate Gift" at the end. Both DH and I had tears in our eyes at the end. Now just to enforce how good it is...if you know my know he is a cheap when he told me that movie was good enough he wants to buy it...I knew it had to be good! LOL
Check it out, there's a trailer you can watch:

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Leah said...

I'll have to keep it in mind! Thanks for the recommendation