Thursday, February 19, 2009

It just amazes me...

If you ever grew up with siblings, you know that the early years are a Love/Hate relationship. One minute your the best of friends, and the next your screaming bloody murder and someone is in tears. I think it is exagerated more when it is a brother and sister, versus two sisters or two brothers. It's much harder I think for a brother and sister to relate and find common ground. One plays with dolls and dress-up, and the other is a preteen listening to music and playing video games.

But every now and then, a rare and precious moment will emerge at the oddest times and places, and I have to pinch myself and wonder if I am seeing correctly. Then I smile and tell myself that I must be doing something right in raising them if these moments exists.

I actually caught one of those moments on film. And I think it rates pretty high on my lists of favorite photos. Last year, sitting at Austin's soccer trophy party, in a room full of people, the moment happened. Austin's coaches were giving speeches and calling the players up one at a time to present them with their trophy, so we had a while to wait for our turn. My being the team manager, I was at the front of the room handing out the trophies and taking photos.

And this is what I saw:
And then this:
And I melted...


Kaci-Ellyphant said...

LOL! They're so cute!

Leah said...

awww! We find a lot more of the "hate" part of the love/hate relationship around our house lately. But I do LOVE LOVE LOVE those "love" moments when they happen!!!

Yay for you catching it on film!!