Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gawd I feel old...

DH and I officially became "Great" Uncle and Aunt this weekend! Sooo not fair! I'm too young for that title. :o(
Tera and DH on Christmas day, '08 when she was 8 months preggers!

DH's niece had her baby on Sunday, a bouncing Baby Boy! His name is Aiden Alan (I hope I spelled it right). She lives 1-1/2 hours from us, so I'm not sure when we will get to see her or the baby, but we talked to her last night for a few minutes.
This is Tera when she was 4 and in a pageant.

Tera was just 5 years old when DH and I met. She was so cute. And he was the doting Uncle. Always having her for the weekend, taking her places and seeing how good he was with kids made me fall for him all the more.
Tera, Nick and Me on my wedding day

Tera was our flower girl in our wedding when she was 8. My nephew, Nick, was the ring boy at 4 yrs old. Man these kids grow up so fast.

Congrats Tera!


Kaci said...

AWhh Congrats GREAT Aunt CINDY!! LOL! =>

Leah said...

wow, time flies, doesn't it??

The little girl who was MY flower girl is almost 19 and babysits my kids for me from time to time. yikes!