Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emily's Award...

Last week we recieved a phone call from Emily's teacher telling us that Emily would be recieving an award during the school assembly on Friday, and invited us to attend. DH and I both went and took a few pics. Her school does the "Character Counts" awards, and each month it changes to a different character trait. So this month was the "Fairness" award, and she won! Her teacher gave a really nice speech about Emily always sharing and has a smile on her face. Emily was so suprised and walked up there to get her award and shake hands with the principal. She had no idea about the award or that we would be there.
Her principal is on the left and her teacher is on the right.

She was so excited, as soon as she got home that night, she had daddy hang it on the wall with all the other awards her and brother have brought home.
Emily and her teacher wit hother students that won (that is a coyote statue in front as they are the coyotes)

Way to go Emily, we're very proud of you!

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