Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How time flies...

Let me introduce you to one of my many adorable Nephews. This is Justin, not only my nephew, but my Godson too:
This was taken the day he was born to my sister and her DH. I just love it when there's a new baby born into the family. I take them, smother them in my kisses, hold them tight so they know my smell, and promise them everything in the world! :o)

Justin is now 4, and last week he got a pretty nasty cold, ear infection, and bronchitis. My sister called me (at the crack of dawn!) and informs me my "godson" wants to spend the day with me! "uh-huh" i say. "Really" she says...then without skipping a beat informs me he can not go to daycare sick, and she can't miss work...and would I "pretty please" watch him for the day! Oh please dont have to pull the heart strings, i'll take him anyday! So he came to hang with me and was excellent considering he was sick.
It's hard to believe he's going to start Kindergarten this next fall. He's the last of the babies that will be born into the family for both sides. Makes me want another one, really bad! Uh honey...can we talk??? LOL! That'll never happen...but there are days I would love too. I just want to bottle up that baby scent, and keep those little fingers and toes forever. *sigh*

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Kaci-Ellyphant said...

I know El will be starting this fall too and I want to cry! He's a cutie pa tootie