Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what a week...

So I sit here at one of this countries best hospitals around, waiting for a 4 hour appointment to finish. And boy, am I exhausted. I am working on 3-4 hours of sleep a night and can not seem to catch up or get rested. I even catnap during the day when I can.

Friday night I got little sleep due to my brain running nonstop over all the things i needed to get done on Saturday before we flew out. I got to bed around midnight and woke at 7am doing laundry.

Saturday Night, we dropped the kids off with my parents who are keeping them for the week for us. We got home about 9:30pm, and nerves had us going. So we took the dog for a wintry, cold walk until 10:30pm. I finished some last minute packing and got to bed about 12:30. The Alarm sounded at 5am for us to get ready for the airport.

Sunday Night, we arrived at the hotel. We grabbed a bite to eat and tried to settle in for the night. But again nerves for the next day seemed to get the better of us and we did not get to sleep until midnight. I woke at 3:30AM sweating to death. We had only the room fan going, and apparently a warm spell decided to besiege this town while we are here. So i tried turning on the A/C but it would click off after 30 seconds. ugh...so now I have to REALLY wake up and figure this crappy thing out. Took a half hour but I got it on and back in bed. Again the alarm sounded at 5am for our 7am appt.

Monday night I was determined to get some sleep. My eyes have been burning from tiredness and Monday that tired headache hit me all day. I took an Excedrin PM and threatened DH to turn that TV down and was able to sleep by 10pm! But that Damn Alarm again sounded at 6am!

And Keep in mind we are in a different time zone then home. So 5am wake-up calls are really 4am my time!

So here I sit. Waiting in a waiting room. Staring at the humdrum of life bustling around me. And to top it off, this very highly regarded establishment we are at thinks it's a great relaxing environment has a piano player playing soft classical music with waterfalls throughout. Can I just say that Classical music and waterfalls do indeed relax a person? Can I just say that when a person is operating on about 20 hours short of sleep for the week, classical piano music and waterfalls is not a good idea! I am working very hard to not fall asleep sitting here, but catch my eyes closing and doing the infamous head nod! ugh...I think it's nap time after this...only 3+ more hours to go...



Tooj said...

The head nod is the worst. :( It makes you so incredibly tired, and you're already tired!!!

Leah said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are not getting much sleep so far this week. I hope it all ends up being worth it in the end and you find yourself with some answers before heading home!!

Kaci said...

Golly Miss Molly :( I hope it all went well. XOXO