Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Eagle has Landed...

We made it to our destination! And wow - I am sooo not a desert person, but it's beautiful! I will post some pics next week, because silly me brought the camera, but not the USB cord!

OK - So here is my thought for the day:

What is your Favorite Scenery to look at?

I know some of you readers are ANTI-Snow, and others are beachy-Oceany fans. And some may be mountainous or Country fans.

Me? I am definitely a BEACH/OCEAN fan! Give me a lounge chair on a sandy beach and I will never bother you again...the sound of the water as it crashes into rocks or sandy beaches is so relaxing. I have been blessed to be raised next to an Ocean. It's a short car ride now (less then 2 hours) and I'm in heaven. When I use to live in Oregon, the Ocean was my backyard. But it's WAY TOO COLD to swim in Oregon. I want Warm ocean. Tropical is even better.

Excuse me now while I go dream...

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Tooj said...

Beach. Sand. Tropical. That's me.