Thursday, January 21, 2010

Minor Surgery x2...

So we like to keep it in the family. Yep, whatever one does, the rest get to do??? No? Oh...ok then.

Yesterday my son went in for surgery that was another "routine" procedure and this time came out just fine!!! No problems like last time. Remember back in July when they collapsed both his lungs after the surgery and he was in ICU for 3 days? Yea, so a little nervous. But it all turned out ok!

Today on the other hand, I went in for a surgical procedure on my lip. I had these two "freckles" that grew all of a sudden on the bottom lip and they were getting bigger and turning into one big one. Dr. said it was not skin cancer, but sun spots. Harmless they were, but I got tired of people asking me what was wrong with my lip. You could see them through my lipstick. So I decided to get them removed.

I'll show some pics (their a little blurry as I took them myself and close up) but it's not for the squeamish. So be warned:
This one I am holding my lips normal.This one I am pushing the bottom lip out so you can see it better, but it really looks the same as the top one. Ha!

So he injected it full of anesthesia and antibiotic, and then took a knife and cut them out and sent them to lab. Then took a cauterizing tool that was actually grounded to me by a patch I had to wear (weird) and literally BURNED my lips to stop the bleeding. And let me tell you, they bled. He made me close my eyes, but I could feel it running down. And the smoke coming up from it. He kept saying "now don't worry, your gonna hear this buzzing noise, but it wont hurt". Yea, he should have said "your gonna smell your skin burning off and it's a smell you'll never forget, but don't worry" cause man, it smelled!

The Anesthesia is wearing off and it HURTS now, so i took some Tylenol and going to bed. I can feel it burning. And my lips are really dried out because the inside of my lip is sticking out because of the fluid in there, and so between the burn area drying and cracking, and the trauma, it hurts.

There, I feel better.

Good Night all.


Kaci said...

Owie...but hey you now have full Angelina Jolie lips :)

Tooj said...

I hope that you are recovering nicely!! It's never fun to have things just POP up on you. Sun spots, go away!