Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can you say "Ouch?"

Do you see these things????
These things are the needles (a.k.a. Thorns, Spikes, Nails, Splinter, or Swords) that grow on Cacti. Now take a really close look....come on...get really close...Those things...are EVERYWHERE on the ground. But you can't see them. They blend into the dirt, hide under grass, rocks cover them, parking lots mask them.

But guess what??? There's one GUARANTEED thing that will find them! Can you guess what it is? Oh come on, play my little game with me...

SHOES will find them. Yep, bottoms of any type of shoe will find these puppies and carry them with you for miles, even hours. And their sneaky little boogers too. They wait, until the timing and condition is just right. They know. They know things. They know places. They know CARPET!

Yep, came back from the desert and walked into our hotel room. Kicked off my shoes (had my slip on ballet style flats and barefoot) and walked to the desk.


What the Holy, Mother of Peace, begeeziz was that???

It's still stuck in the bottom of my foot if anyone cares to see it.

So Hubby looks on the floor and sees a needle. "Hhhmmm...he says."

Hubby checks my shoes and says "oh Honey..."

Then Hubby sits down and checks his tennies...and says "OMG, Check this out"

Both our shoes were covered in Needles, thorns, spikes, whatever you wanna call them they felt like swords to me!

So Hubby says..."Hhmm..."

And Hubby gets down on the floor again and checks the carpet where we had walked...and says "uh...honey..."

In his palm were about 50 of those little son of a biscuit needles that fell from our shoes and were HIDDEN in the carpet just waiting prey!

So I threw my flip flops on and refused to go barefoot in the room the rest of the trip. was our last day.


P.S. Happy Birthday DH, I love you lots and lots!!!


Kaci said...

Ooooo owie fo shizzies!!

Happy Birthday Sugar!

Lisa Baldwin said...

Sorry... I know they hurt like hell!!!

Leah said...

LOL Holy mother of peace begeeziz! LMAO!!

sorry, sounds horrible. OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!

Leah said...

I meant that your painful experience sounds horrible...

Tooj said...

I feel the same way about "live" Christmas tree pine needles. They're still sticking us weeks later.