Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sunsets and Mountains...

I think most definitely Arizona has the most Beautiful Sunsets I have ever seen. So many colors and shapes to them. Absolutely breathtaking. We saw one that had Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Blue in it, but I was driving and couldn't get a picture. Well, actually I tried...but Hubby screamed "Don't you dare" when I tried pulling the camera out of my purse while juggling the steering wheel and aiming for the sky.

There was this huge Mountain next to our hotel. And we were smack dab in an Indian Reservation area. It was like a mere 2 miles from us. The whole casino, reservation, housing, basically the whole kit and caboodle. But we never made it there.
So back to this mountain...our first day Hubby says to me "doesn't it seem like that mountain is staring at us?"
So I look thinking in my head "man, he's nuts" and low and behold it DID look like there was a face looking at us.
Then Hubby says "I think someone carved it. It's an Indian Chief. Can you see the Headdress?"So I look again and gosh darn, he's right. So I tried to grab some pics of it at different times of the day to see if they would come out. Can you tell?

Do you see it? (I'll give you hint, he's looking to the left)Look Close...
What do you think?
And last but not least...another beautiful sunset...courtesy of Arizona.


Lisa Baldwin said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip love the pictures!

Leah said...

I'm blind, I totally don't get what I'm supposed to be looking at. LOL! awesome sun pics, though!

Kaci said...

Beautiful! :)

Tooj said...

I do see it. That last pic of it definitely made it clear, but I was starting to see it in the one before. I love seeing things inside other things. And I love when we get beautiful sunsets here....I know some people are sunrise peeps, but sunsets can be such a gorgeous and peaceful time.